15 Amazing movies you simply have to Watch in this Lockdown!

The Covid-19 pandemic has left people confined to their houses. Fear of catching the coronavirus has brought on a host of measures that mostly include working from home and going out absolutely when you need to. In these uncertain times, no hobby has been taken up with full force as much as the hobby of watching movies. The rate of people finally managing to binge watch their favourite and long awaited movies is so high that they have managed to overwhelm all the streaming services to reducing their high definition visibility to accommodate all, vis-a-vis Netflix. But since we are stuck in our houses indefinitely for the time being, why not catch up on some masterpieces. After all, fluffy entertainment of the Kardarshians and the serious debates and thoughts of Bernie Sanders and Warren Buffets will always be there, but watching these will enrich your soul.

1. The Namesake

With Irfan Khan’s passing, the film fraternity lost a valuable gem in the galaxy of truly talent actors. In this movie, reminisce his talent and watch a soulful story about coming of age and finding yourself in a mix of cultures and traditions. A child born to first generation immigrants grows up to accept his heritage and not be shackled by it, while he deals with his life and his father’s loss. A truly enriching story, if you haven’t watched this one, it’s high time you do now.

2. Roma

Yes the Oscar favorite of 2019! Champ of three Oscars, Gravity chief Alfonso Cuarón’s semi-personal film about a house cleaner working for an upper-white collar class family in Mexico City during the 1970s is outwardly staggering, profoundly moving and certainly justified regardless of your time. He has brought a normal family to the celluloid laughing and crying as the story progresses and you see the heartfelt moments that have won this movie it’s much deserved BAFTAS!

3. Irishman

The dream team of mafia reunites. In case you ever thought how you would spend time in this covid19 lockdown, the Irishman is a great gripping film. The golden trifecta of Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Martin Scorcese come together to give you this visual masterpiece and become the first Netflux sponsored movie to be nominated in the Oscars . The film was continually in the news up to its critical reception; from its CGI de-maturing utilized on De Niro, Pacino and Joe Pesci, to the sheer clumsy length of this epic. Well you have all the time in the world now!

4. The curious case of Benjamin Button

How have you not caught up with this awesome movie? It was overshadowed by Slumdog Millionaire and The Reader but in its own  it is a classic masterpiece. The story of a man who reverses in age and his life and love becomes an almost impossible task. Until the end, you realise that the greatest love stories are those which have the most understated expressions. Never will a simple goodnight haunt you more than this movie!

5. Beasts of No Nation

Why this movie never made it to the Oscar’s os something that will never be answered. The ever talented Idris Elba has blown away the fans of this movie. He plays an officer of kid troopers in West Africa for this remarkable Netflix movie. In view of the profoundly acclaimed novel by Nigerian creator Uzodinma Iweala, the film enlivens the grasping story of Agu, a youngster officer torn from his family to battle in the common war of an African nation. It shows how childhood is lost as a futile battle for a country rages on and asks some hard hitting questions you weren’t ready for.

6. Ex_Machina

In a surprising turn of events, software engineer Domhnall Gleeson experiences the mirror when he wins an competition to go through seven days dwelling with the withdrawn maker of the world’s top web index (Oscar Isaac). Gleeson’s motivation once there is to play out a variety of the Turing test on a propelled AI (a strikingly touchy Alicia Vikander) to decide if it has cognizance. Things don’t go to design. The title comes from the phrase Deus Ex Machina and it will have semblance to what the film begins to portray. A simple soft story will soon take a dark turn which will leave you hanging.

7. Annihilation

Another chaotic and powerful film. This is something you have to watch to experience the reality. Dubious and disruptive, Annihilation is one of the few films that will leave you thinking.   With strange occurrences and lives on the line, this movie will give you an uneasy sense of horror and fear. They have no clue what they’ll discover, and they’re not all being straightforward with regards to why they’re going. Natalie Portman stars and places in a persuading execution when everything around her is, well, unbelievable.

8. Groundhog Day

If you haven’t watched this movie, you have missed out on one of Tom Hanks’ best performance, after Forrest Gump. A sweet but serious story about a day that will change someone’s life forever.  Murray plays an unsavory TV meteorologist providing details regarding a modest community’s yearly celebration who ends up caught in a day he will recollect for an incredible remainder in light of the fact that, except if he can discover a few answers, it will be an amazing remainder.

9. American Psycho

In 1991, Bret Easton Ellis’ tale American Psycho stunned those that read it. Wall Street agent Patrick Bateman’s cool and extremely shallow mentality to his normal everyday employment and evening time interests left individuals stirred up. A movie that shows the materialism and the darker aspects of a person’s mind with ease is definitely something to catch up to. The lethal character was enlivened in 2000 in the film of a similar name which kind of ruined the premise. Co-scripted by Mary Harron and Guinevere Turner, the film is maybe a less stunning interpretation of the story, however no less holding. Christian Bale goes all out to tissue out executioner Bateman, catching that insane peered toward sociopath flawlessly. In the end, you will remain confused as to whether you like or detest or are horrified of Bateman and whether it is all just another nightmare!

10. Seven Psychopaths

A Wacky script, several A list actors and lots of guys and gore- this movie is not for the faint hearted. But it is definitely unique. Following a scriptwriter’s journey who wishes to interview and know about psychopaths to watching a comedic set of events unfold which are also superbly tragic at the same time. From understanding the inner workings of a psychopath to even having empathy for them, this movie will go through multiple dimensions to entertain you. Death, betrayal and thorough surprises remain in this film as a trail of death and destruction follow a simple story of a kidnapped dog. Watch it to truly understand it at your own risk!

11. Vanilla Sky

Tired of watching Tom Cruise action movies? Well watch this cinematic masterpiece which is adapted from the Spanish movie of the same name. A romance that is more than just love, immortality and so many other questions that will raised in this mind bending movie.

13. The Revenant

It is an astounding bit of movie making from the amazing director Alejandro González Iñárritu. After a long dry spell, Leonardo Di Caprio at long last won the Best Actor Oscar for his job as a frontiersman driving a chasing party through the wild during the 1800s. There’s a terrible bear assault in this no limits climate beaten gander at what life resembled at that point. From literally feeling the chills while you Leonardo claw through  his way in an epic tale of survival.

14. The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

Want to know what life in the wild west was like? Really want to experience the joy if those adventures of the Wild West again? Well, here you have a brilliant dark comedy about the adventures of the eponymous Wild West in a visually rich anthology of 6 stunning stories that are guaranteed to make you laugh and think.  From its anticlimactic endings to a tale of survival and acceptance, this movie will definitely make your head spin around. A thoroughly enjoyable movie with matching descriptions shown on vivid book chapters, if this movie doesnt leave an impact, very few actually will.

14. The Perfection

Another Netflix masterpiece, this movie is guaranteed to turn your heads. A dark horror story of what happens in abuse and trauma and how you survive inadequate well crafted psychological tale of revenge. A simple but talented girl in a music school has to leave to take care of her mother, and she runs into her successor after 10 years. Will there be just jealousy or is that just scratching the surface.

15. Platform

Rarely do such movies make you think about the system as much as the platform. A kind of jail where the upper sections get food and lower sections have to claw through and starve, this movie will make you ponder in more ways than one.

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