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10 Best Watch Brands For Women

Time is the only real currency in the modern world, and for the modern woman, time is very important. Which is why we have brought an entire list of the best watch brands for women to choose from for their daily and celebratory activities. Whether it’s a wedding or a presentation or just dressing up to meet your friends, the right watch can go a long way to give you the look you desire.

Remember, the best brands are chosen not just for their technique, but also their style and everlasting design. We have attempted to cover up the ranges of the most wanted and most amazing watch brands that are loved all over the world. Starting from the most economical to the most eclectic, we have researched and borrowed through a wide range of choices. We all have one watch we like to splurge on and we make it a part of our wardrobe for eternity. For that kind of commitment that you provide to your life,  we will help you find the perfect watch-

10 Best Watch Brands For Women

1. Rolex

Whenever you think of a brand with timeless elegance, then you always remember Rolex. From the stars to royalty itself, patronizing Rolex has been a matter of pride. Even the watches at Wimbledon swear by Rolex. The brand joins specialized exactness and sturdiness with chic structure. Accessible in an assortment of alloys and designs – including Rolex’s protected Everose gold, which will never discolor – just as sizes, there’s a Rolex to suit any style. From the deep sea chronometer designs to suave dinner watches, Rolex has a unique repertoire available for all. With it’s long lasting craftsmanship, Rolex watches were built to last longer than empires!

2. Cartier

Cartier is mostly known for its eclectic Jewelry designs. It has often reshaped and redesigned many timeless pieces for royalty for ages. The diamond ranges of Cartier with their craftsmanship would put anyone else to shame. Famous for their classic  adornments, the French extravagance house has likewise created numerous notorious timepieces. The beautiful one of a kind rectangular Tank watch, presented in 1917, turned into an instantaneous favourite. It has been worn by ages of A-listers. The Ballon Bleu and Panthère de Cartier styles have additionally discovered their direction onto the wrist of a portion of the world’s most rich ladies. With precision gears and decorative diamonds, Cartier knows how to create a watch that will appeal to your fashionable side.

3. IWC Schaffhausen

When you talk about buying a really good watch, this is a name you hear often.  It’s anything but difficult to perceive any reason why IWC Schaffhausen is one of the most renowned watch marks on the planet. The company of watchmakers have been present since the 1870. And the range takes into account the women with its decreased case sizes for its most mainstream models, just as the adornments like Da Vinci assortment. These models come in 18-carat gold and precious stone adaptations, with Leonardo Da Vinci’s acclaimed Flower Of Life representation engraved on the back. With its artistic representation and beautiful handiwork, it is not surprising that ladies love their timepieces.

4. Breitling

Do you want a classic watch from the royalty of Swiss watchmakers. Try Breitling. These specialized timepieces take their motivation from the nautical custom. The ladies’ Navitimer extend has slide rule markings around the external face, giving it a guide or compass-like feel. With a professional yet subtle classy look, it has won many fans.  However, while these watches are utilitarian and more on the manly side, they likewise have a style – think rose gold enumerating and sumptuous calfskin ties. Breitling exudes class all over. And gifting yourself such a watch only shows the testament of your character.

5. Chopard

If your choice is slightly towards ostentatious and beautifully decorated time pieces, then chopare is an excellent choice. Chopard watches shimmer with character and precious stones. The brand’s timepieces are known for their luscious pearls behind the sapphire cases and aim to make you feel like a queen. With its penchant for the most royal of metals and the most gorgeous of designs, chopard makes sure that you get the best luxury watch you are looking for. With a watch like this that will outshine most jewelry, all you need is an amazing dress and you are ready to be the charm of the party

6. Baume and Mercier

The individuals who love Swiss legacy watches at a moderate value point will succumb to Baume and Mercier in a split second. It is one of the most prime delights of swiss watchmakers.  As an adage once said, the swiss are known for all the finer things in life, chocolates, cheese and watches. The organization goes back to 1830; nonetheless, its timepieces have a cutting edge feel just as a feeling of custom. Great and downplayed, Baume and Mercier plans every now and again highlight steel cases and silver-conditioned subtleties. Roman numerals add to the professional feel. These are impeccable ordinary watches that you can wear from informal breakfast to the meeting room. Pick a wristband band for a considerable length of time at the workplace, and change to calfskin for the ends of the week. These will give you a heavenly feeling. They believe that the design speaks a thousand words and these kind of watches speak a million.

7. Blancpain

This company has literally seen the evolution of watches. It saw the change from the ornate and bulky pocket watch to the streamlined designs that adorn our wrist today. Blancpain’s Swiss legacy goes back to 1735, and in 1930 discharged the primary ever programmed wristwatch for ladies. From then it has come a long way.  Today, these timepieces are the absolute generally excellent and exceptional extravagance models you can wear. Proudly female, they include precious stone corona faces, the mark outlined moonphase schedule, thin hands, mother-of-pearl dials, and rose gold cases.  The epitome of strong femininity is clearly showcased in their masterful designs. Bot everyone can create such a beautiful watch with such understated elegance. There’s even a watch configuration gave to Valentine’s Day, roused by Cupid. A Blancpain ladies’ watch isn’t attempting to copy the men’s styles – however rather, make a strong and individual look. These timepieces are not for the minimalists yet rather suits those with an unusual yet opulent designs. If you are looking to make birthday gifts to special woman in your life, consider these watches as a serious option!

8. Longines

The greatest of great cinema heroines have advertised and sworn for longines. There is something in this brand that manages to keep itself ahead of the rest. When pondering tastefulness, you should consider Longines. While the men’s range is a little heavier and progressively lively, ladies’ timepieces from this Swiss extravagance brand are about elegance.  They are all about the classy and sassy lady who prefers to show her worth by actions and not just appearances. Think smooth, downplayed plan with a lightweight vibe. Definitely a best seller. Longines is for the woman whose eyes speak a thousand words and who can enchant all with simply her intensity. A definitive model is the advanced La Grande Classique. Tempered steel meets an unadulterated white face and Roman numeral hour markers, giving the woman who wears it her own unique temperament.

9. Montblanc

Talk about luxury and you cannot miss Montblanc. Whether it be pens or watches, Montblanc I’d the epitome of success and opulence. You dont go for a montblanc unless you feel like you totally deserve it and have earned it. Driving extravagance this quietly ostentatious  brand Montblanc speaks to the best of European style. It finds some kind of harmony among custom and advancement, blending accuracy innovation in with energetic subtleties. Montblanc’s watch extend incorporates programmed, smartwatch, programmed, and quartz models, so there’s a model for each style. And they all speak to the luxurious mind within you  they are designed to give the feel of perfection  The assortments likewise extend from the work of art – like the ’60s-style Bohème – to the cutting edge Timewalker.

10. Titan

You must be thinking, Titan?? Well this eponymous Indian brand is very popular both in the country and abroad for its economical price range and designer choices. What it lacks in experience is made up by its versatility. Starting from its funky everyday wear to its gorgeous Raga sets, Titan is a very unique choice for women. While it caters to men and women alike, the women’s range is filled with inspiration and designs from all over the world with it’s own unique touch added to the story. Titan is all about beauty which is affordable yet graceful. If you ever want to choose a local brand over the foreign ones, you know which one you should definitely go for.

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