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The Benefits & Differences of Yoga and Meditation

Yoga has its “magical effect” which leads to the amalgamation of body and soul. Yoga is also said to be a way of life and when practised gives benefits of full body parts.

Meditation is a part of yoga what you can call its “baby” which deals with mental relaxation and concentration power. Here, attention is focused on thoughts and breathing. Being conscious of breathing automatically controls the thought process which in turn relaxes mind fully.

In recent times, Yoga is trending whether it be India or abroad. Everybody wants to do Yoga. Many people have this myth that there is no difference between yoga and meditation. Yes! Meditation and Yoga are related in the sense and for the beginners and the uninformed, I would like to explain how and what is the difference between yoga and meditation.


Yoga aims to remove obstacles and suffering from life to attain the highest spiritual goal ‘Samadhi’ or self-realization or union with higher consciousness. Keep in mind that Yoga is not all about stretching and adjunct to intense physical exercises for weight loss. Yoga is much more than that- Yoga is to live & cherish everyday without delay. It is a holistic approach to healthy & happy living. Yoga helps to connect mind, body and spirit. Yoga helps to achieve peace of mind, emotional and mental stability which has quite impossible in this busy world .

Path to Yoga improves everyday fitness routines, better postures, strengthens the immunity and energy levels are significantly improved. It is rapidly becoming a method of choice for effective weight loss and daily stress reduction. People who are genuinely fond of improving self-conduct and maintaining healthy mind, body and spirit should definitely go for Classical Yoga in the first place. Holistic benefits of doing Yoga are countless & even beyond our understanding.

What Does MEDITATION Mean Then?

In this chaotic techie generation where everyone runs this rat-race to become wealthier with so many tasks, responsibilities, stress and unexplained fears. There is a significant gap between the thought process and the actions we tend to perform throughout the day. But when your thoughts and actions are in a perfect equilibrium, you don’t feel the clash or the stress and are genuinely focused at that moment in time. You are committed to living and enjoying in the present moment freely and Dear Folks, you have got every right to feel gay & energetic.

Meditation practice consists of no exercises or physical bodily movements. An individual sits at a fixed place and tries to focus the energies within the body on a particular point e.g Om sign, sound, breath etc. After finishing with Yoga, the body is filled with vibrations and to gain a stable condition on both mind and body level, meditations are preferred & must post Yoga asana sessions. Meditation strenghthenes the process of self-improvisation & takes control of unnecessary excessive thinking and coordinates control over breathing process.

Yoga meditation is not about thinking, but instead, it is a deep state of unity with the object of contemplation.Thus the ability to find such kind of focus & power to get a reflection from within is developed by practicing meditation regularly.

What Are The Differences Between Yoga and Meditation?

While there are some differences between yoga and mindfulness meditation from the Buddhist tradition, these two practices are interchangeable. Mindfulness is the capability to maintain attention on a specific meditative object (e.g., breath, mantra), with giving importance on returning to beneficial positive thoughts. Mindfulness can be practiced in a more traditional way by sitting in a quiet space with eyes closed for a certain amount of time, as well as while conducting a yoga class with prime focus on breath and movement while holding and changing from one Yoga position to the next. In this way, mindfulness meditation can help the student learn how to disengage from evaluative or critical thinking by adapting an attitude of curiosity and attention to ongoing reactions to emotions, thoughts, and feelings with increased mind clarity of present-day scenario.

Yoga exercises are often practiced to ease both mind and body for meditation and concentration. Yoga meditation poses can range from activating poses such as Fish pose, Surya Namaskar and arm balances, to relaxing and calming poses. Ultimately, the physical practice with an emphasis on pranayama, mindfulness, and movement is a pathway to moving through emotional and physical tension, preparing the body for a relaxing & calm meditation.

“Practice Yoga & Meditation to unveil the optimistic side of yours”

  • Meditation is a vague term. There are different forms of meditation, with mindfulness being the most practised these days lately. In any type of meditation, we sit in practice formally in order to develop a quality. It may be to train in real-time awareness, to practice compassion, or to adapt into our deeper truth & secrets.
  • Meditation practices are largely mental trainings. While meditating, we are dedicating our precious time and effort to cultivating mind qualities. Overall, meditation focuses on our minds and how we relate to experiences whether it be pleasant or not desired.
  • Yoga, on the other hand, incorporates much more physical training which includes plyometric moves also. In even the gentlest & lightest yoga classes in the West, you will be sweating it out fully, working out your muscles, and building balance. Stretching, flexibility, and endurance are the foundation to yoga exercises, whereas it doesn’t exist in meditation.
  • Yoga also incorporates the mind and its connection with the body. It is not purely a physical activity. We are training to be aware, be at ease, and focus on our breathing and scan our body. In this sense, yoga also includes some training for the mind. It’s not the same as meditation practice, but can be truly beneficial.

Is Meditation or Yoga Better?

The reality is that neither meditation nor yoga are really “better.” As an individual, you may find that what works for you doesn’t necessarily work for another. So,it varies from an individual to other. There has been quite a bit of research to find it out. At the end of the day, the result is that both yoga and meditation may be advantageous to you from every aspect. It’s up to you to try a bit of both and ascertain which one feels most fruitful. The one which gives you peace, ease, comfort, and happiness from within is the right choice for you.

It also depends on what your goals are in practice. If you want to build compassion, mindfulness, and clarity then, Meditation may be the right choice. Would you prefer to work with the body, chronic pains, and mindfulness of the body? Try some yoga. You can always do both & get yourself satisfied.

Yoga vs. Meditation – Difficulty Levels

One of the key factor about both yoga and meditation is that they require constant practice. When you start, you may struggle. In meditation, you may have a wandering mind full of unnecessary thoughts. With yoga, you won’t have the flexibility, balance, or strength that others in the class may have. Don’t lose your calm as this is totally okay.

The more you will practice, the more you will get better with time!

Although both require practice, meditation is certainly the easier & simpler of the two. We say this because you don’t need anything (like equipment’s) to meditate.

Yoga, however, takes a little more effort & becomes challenging as you have to be careful about the postures. You can’t really practice yoga while at the office in a few minutes. You can indeed do some stretching, but it isn’t quite the same. This doesn’t mean yoga is tough, but it does mean that meditation is often more accessible and easier to find time to do.

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