Amazing lockdown fancy dress ideas you can use to cheer your mind

In the outbreak of COVID 19 , lockdown processes are going on in most of the countries. For this reason, people are getting bored in their homes. It is becoming hard to retain kids in their place. They are getting bored at home and becoming psychologically unwell. In this situation, fancy dress competitions can be organized to cheer the minds of kids and their parents. In a lockdown, children will find great amusement in doing something new. This article consists of more than one idea to make online fancy dress competitions unique and interesting. The article will provide ideas that can be followed during the fancy dress session to make the program funnier. These ideas will help you get the costume ideas easily. It will help to gather ideas for you and your family.

Costume Ideas for you and your child

In the recent pandemic, everyone wants to gather more happiness and fun. For the same reason, many people are organising fancy dress competition.While going for a fancy dress competition, it is needed to use an unique idea. There are more than one unique ideas listed. The list has been made by keeping in mind your comfort. The article will help you, it does not matter whether you are searching it for you or your child.


Tree is noted as the best friend of humans, on that note, you can dress up like a tree to send your friends a good message. You can also give them a great message to save trees. You can make this costume using the leaves of your garden. The green color will make it more stylish. If you give more effort into it, you can also use petals to create the design. Also, you can use dialogue in your body to save the trees to provide a beautiful message to others.


The next one, which you can choose is the Flower theme. If you are willing to use these fancy dress ideas of your kind, you can make the flowers too. Using ribbons, colorful clothes, or velvet clothes you can give your dress a flowery shape. Using it your kid will be able to give a meaningful message to others.


You can choose a doctor’s costume to salute the Corona warriors. Using your home clothes you can make this costume. Using pipes you can make the stethoscope. Try to use a placard to provide your message to the Corona warriors. It will be used to show great respect to the warriors.

Charlie Chaplin

In a fancy dress competition there is the latest trend to use the costumes of celebrity people. Among all of them, Charlie Chaplin is the most popular character. You can use a black coat and a black hat to look like him. In this case, you need to put some extra effort on your makeup. This costume can be made at home easily and it will make the program funnier. You can do some funny activities to make the program funnier. It will take a huge smile on this pandemic.

Firemen: Firemen are another example of social friends. You can provide them with great respect by choosing this costume. Using the clothes which are in your home, you can make this costume. It will help you to provide a great message to the country. Also, you can make the costume at home easily. You can use your old torch to give the character a new look.

Animal Costume

To make the program funny, you can also choose animal type costumes. In this case, you can also act as the animal to provide some message in it. On the other hand, you can also tell some stories about the animal to make your act more real. You can make tiger costumes using both of your house as well as cottons. Using strings you can make the paws of tiger.


Finding a thing with a mythological costume should be a great idea. It will be easily available in the wardrobe. Using your daily wear you can change your look. Try to make your clothes more traditional. In a fancy dress competition, you can also set a mythological theme that should be followed by the contestants to know who’s dress is more impressive. While wearing these dresses try to talk like them so that your character looks more real in nature. Using paper you can make your jewelry. Using colors you can make your jewelry more colorful. Important words of that character can become a dialogue of yours.

Star War Theme

Star war is another popular theme that can be used in a fancy dress competition. On that note, you can also choose Star Wars as a theme. You can choose any character from Star Wars, to make your dress funnier. Just to have a little fun, you can use their dialogues. Star Wars theme is an attractive theme also it can be made at home easily. Also, it will also help you to look unique. Kids will like to look like their favourite characters.


You can also use technological characters such as TV, radio, and many more. In case you are looking for fancy dress ideas for your child, a TV or Radio type dress will be a unique idea, you can easily make this costume at your house. Using a cardboard box and paint you can make this costume at your house. Using unused ribbons, you can make this costume at your house. Your kids will also get fun making and wearing these costumes.


Robots are a unique costume that can be used in it. On the other hand, these costumes can be made using the colours that remain unused in the house, you can make it easily. Try to use a robotic accent to make your character live. Using silver colour, you can also make robots. Using bottles try to make the weapon of the robot and it will look more attractive.


Police gives us security. In recent pandemics, they are also performing their duties. You can use police costumes to give some respect to them. In order to make the cap of the cope, you can use your old hat. Using ribbons you can also make it.


Noddy is a cartoon character and it is also famous among the children. On that note, you can use this theme using cute dresses. You can change your look like a teddy bear or goblins. It will be a cute idea for every one. The blue colour will help to change your look effectively.

Angry Birds

Angry birds is also a popular character among children and their parents. You can also make an angry bird costume at your home to join fancy dress competitions. On that note, using homy clothes you can also make this product. You can also use a funny dialogue to make your character attractive.

Recycled Costume

Using unused bottles, or recyclable things in your house, you can also easily make a recycled costume in your house. Whenever you are willing to make this costume, try to make it more funny. It can be made of bottles, pen, pen caps and many more. This will be an unique idea for you and your child.

Here are some characters that you can choose as your dress.

Things to keep in mind

Several things are there that should be kept in mind to manage the fancy dress competition.

• First of all, try to avoid the negativity, try to avoid themes like disaster or pandemic condition. Don’t make Corona themes scary.
• Avoid scary costumes. In this pandemic, everyone is searching for some happiness, try not to make it scary.
• Try to use clothes which are made at home. It will be more comfortable for you and your family.
• Try to recycle the costumes.
• Try to make a fancy dress competition online. Don’t go outside.
• Be careful at the choice of clothes.
These are the points that you should keep in mind while going to join a fancy dress competition in the pandemic.

Sum it up

Here are more than one examples listed, that will provide you fancy dress ideas to make your kids fun. On this occasion, try to avoid recent pandemics. Try to avoid negative factors in the current situation. In case you try to use the current situation in your fancy dress competition, try to introduce the positive side of it. You can use doctors’ and nurses’ work in the competition. The costumes which are listed here can be made easily at home. You can invest your time to create these dresses at your home. In lockdown, it is impossible to buy clothes from the market to prepare for an online fancy dress competition. You can try to make costumes on your home, it will be more comfortable for you to use these costumes.

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