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Stay Glowing in Ramadan: Beauty tips for healthy skin during fasting

Fasting is the time for self-introspection, contemplation and soul searching. It is the period when one utilises most of the time in religious activities. We fast from dawn to dusk and thus our skin can definitely be affected, especially negatively. Thus it is imperative to take care of your skin during fasting as it definitely has an effect on your overall health and well being.

Now, first and foremost do not wait for the signs and symptoms to show up and then you might think about taking care of your skin but rather take a step ahead and start it right at the time.

We commonly feel athirst, dullness, fatigue, weariness, low energy, dehydration and like during the holy month ( and that is quite obvious as your water intake is highly reduced). So here I have come up with a list of skin care routine for you to follow during Ramadan which you can easily follow while spending your time in religious activities.

All through the year we follow a specific dietary routine and during Ramadan it is all suddenly changed. There is a lowered intake of liquids, in particular water, at once which leads to lose of  moisture in the skin and that is why we feel knackered and appear dull. There is an utmost need of a proper skin care regime to avoid all this and other symptoms such as dull skin, dryness, fatigue, feeling jaded, cotton mouthed and many others during fasting.

Below are some of the helpful skin care tips during Ramadan that will help you stay flawless, keep your skin hydrated and detox your skin as well.

10 Healthy Skin Care Tips During Holy Month of Ramadan

1. Drink water as much as possible

This is the most beneficial thing you can do during fasting (and otherwise as well). Between suhoor and iftaar, drink as amuch water as possible. You can also add some electrolyte powder to your water or add some mint leaves with a dash of lemon to help your body detox as well. Alternatively, you can drink infused water too like, add a few chunks of lemon slices, mint leaves, cucumber chunks or you can go for other fruit combinations of your preference (oranges, apple, pineapple) and keep on swigging it  .

After breaking your fast, try to eat fruits that have a high water content such as watermelon, grapes, melon etc. and eat soupy meals to increase your fluid intake. You can also drink water at specific intervals with gaps in between and not drinking it all at once. Water will not only keep your skin supple and healthy, it will also help you stay full for longer.

2. Avoid sugary and carbonated beverages

Say a big NO to all the soda, caffeinated drinks ( caffeine is FYI a natural diuretic) and sugary juices. These will only give you an abrupt blood sugar spike and will dehydrate you in the long run.

3. Avoid sun and seek the shade

During fasting try to avoid direct exposure to sun (as this tends to dehydrate you) and whenever possible stay in shady areas. Also if you need to go out in sun, don’t forget to apply sunblock on your skin.

4. Take care of your eyes

During Ramadan, the sleep  and waking routine is changed and thus there is a high chance of getting those creepy dark circles. The best you can do is try to get an adequate amount of proper sleep ( minimum eight hours). Wash your eyes with cold water and you can also take tea bags, dip them in water, chill them for 15 minutes or so, and keep them under your eyes. You will feel refreshed ( try it out).

5. Moisturize religiously

Your skin loses a great amount of moisture during fasting. Compensate it as much as you can. Always ( Read it twice) moisturize your skin after washing it. Apply a good quality hydrating moisturizer that replenishes the lost moisture in your skin. Also apply night cream on your skin before going to bed so that your skin gets the restock of moisture while you sleep.

6. Munch on crunchy nuts

Trust me on this, these are the super foods for your skin ( in right amounts). Chomp on some almonds, cashews and nuts during Ramadan as they are high in fatty acids, fibres, vitamins. These will help you stay full for longer and keep wrinkles and fine lines at bay.

7. Make your skin glow with these foods

Yes! You read it right. There are some power pack super foods high in antioxidants, fibres, minerals and vitamins which can help your skin stay radiant and healthy even while fasting. After you break your fast, take some berries (raspberries, strawberries,blueberries, goji berries to name a few) and gobble them.

You can also have pomegranate, dark chocolate, kale, beans, beets and spinach as they are rich in antioxidants and fibre ( which repairs your skin) and thus valuable for your skin.

8.  What about a date?

Dates are also the foods packed with proteins, antioxidants, calcium, iron, potassium, fibre and vitamins. All these are really helpful in encouraging healthy skin as it works on your skin elasticity and keeps youe skin soft and silky.Dates also have anti- ageing benefits.

9. Give your skin a flowery freshness

During this Ramadan, pamper your skin with  some freshness of flowers. Rosewater is an apt freshener and can be made by yourself using fresh roses ( All you have to do is grab some roses, take petals out and boil, cool, transfer it into a spray bottle and refrigerate. Voila! Your freshener is ready for for a fortnight’s time. Spray it on your face as much as you like and you will fresh with each spray).

10. Exfoliate

Do this regularly. You need to unclog the pores and  rub away that dead skin, don’t you? Exfoliating helps in improving blood circulation on your face, helps you fight puffiness and smoothens your skin. As per your skin type, exfoliate your skin weekly, two times a week or whatever suits your skin the best.

This Ramadan, with these simple tips replenish, rejuvenate and revitalize your skin along with fasting. Good luck with that!

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