15 Makeup Tricks For Any Makeup Lover That Always Work

Makeup is not just about outer looks, it is a complete way of life. It is not a transformation meant to cover your scares or blemishes or to hide discoloration as is the local notion, rather it is carrying yourself in a confident manner, in a way that talks more about how you are as a person and how you perceive yourself. It is a lifelong journey that begins once a girl crosses her 3 or even less, at times, that she fiddles with her mom’s dressing table and the practice never ceases. Girls experiment a lot during all their years to get that ‘perfect’ look on their appearances and the whole process, at times, can be quite cumbersome. But that does not mean you cannot have that glamorous look as I am going to share with you all that you need to know for that slightly look.

To begin with, here are some of the tips you can give a try:

1. A beautiful smile will get you going

What is the first thing you do when you sit in front of your mirror? You start rushing up to begin your makeup. Pause. Smile. You are worth it ladies. Make this a routine once you start getting ready. A beautiful soul spreads alluring vibes. Beauty is inside you , rest all is just mollycoddle

2. Prep yourself

Freshen up yourself. Use face masks prior to begin makeup as it settles the ground for a beautiful look. There are different kinds of masks available in the market you can utilize. You can also use different DIY masks.

3. Prime

You should always start with priming (read this twice). Use the one that complements your face type. The usage of proper primer will give your skin that slippery texture for the smooth application of the other products afterward.

4. Clean it all

Always use clean brushes, beauty blenders and like, for the application of makeup on your skin. Using unclean brushes can be hazardous for your skin. Overused brushes can spoil your overall look as the accumulated material on them can tamper with the finished look on your skin.

5. Try blush first

Reversing the order in which we apply makeup can also do the trick, sometimes. Try applying blush before foundation and feel the change.  You will cherish the natural look you get for ages.

6. Use white eyeliner or nude eye pencil

It helps to brighten up your overall look. All you have to do is to apply white eyeliner on your lower lash line. Add some amount on to your inner eye as well and see yourself how it enhances that glisten.

7. Try that frenzy  fire and Smokey eye

We all are aware of that trendy Smokey eye in vogue nowadays. Give it a try by applying a stroke of any eye pencil or gel eyeliner and blend it well. Then set it with some black or brown eye shadow so that it sticks there and does not smudge too much ( just the way you want it ). Doing this will enhance your look and that perfect Smokey eye will be easy on the eye.

8. Give some heat to that eyeliner

By this, I mean just warm up your pencil eyeliner a bit before applying it. This gives it a smooth texture and is quite easy to apply. You can either rub your pencil between your hands or keep it near some hot source.

9. Sham those voluminous eyelashes

Girls, before applying mascara, stop and wiggle the brush a little up and down. What this is going to do is rub off any material sticking to it, additionally, it will help in lengthening your lashes as you apply the mascara as well as make them look voluminous.

10. Give your brows the perfect definition

Highlight your brow bone with dabbina a bit of highlighter on it  and blend it out. It highly impacts your appearance and gives you a plus point.

11. Shape your brows

This is the most recommended. It gives your face an altogether different look. You just need a perfect eyebrow pencil matching your brow color. You can use your eye shadow palette too for filling your brows. Simply use the pencil to shape the brow in the shape that best suits your appearance. Then go on to fill it in. It is simple but effective and with practice you will become a pro at it.

12. Fill in your lips first

So the trick is to take up the lip pencil of your choice ( which is suitable for the look you are creating), and start lining your outer lips then fill them in properly. Then apply your lip color, whether it is matte, gloss or bullet. This will help your lip color last longer (Don’t thank me).

13. Ombre your lips

This trend is blowing everywhere presently. Just apply a light shaded or nude lipstick on the peripheral part of the lips, then apply the darker shade of the same color onto your inner lips. Blend both and see for yourself the difference.

14. Tight Line your eyes

For those of you who love a natural makeup look, tight lining is a great trick to learn. It simply involves applying eyeliner right to the base of your lashes to create a fuller and more defined appearance without giving the impression that  you are wearing makeup. To nail the technique, use a brush to softly push gel eyeliner into the roots of your upper eyelashes and there you go.

15. Highlight your higher points

For that illuminous finish, highlight your cheek bones, bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow, chin, brow bone and forehead. This gives you an edge over others and enhances your features.

Set your makeup

To finish it all and  let your makeup stay longer, you can use a setting spray in accordance with your preference and skin type, like you can go for a matte finish spray if you prefer matte and oil free look or you can use an illuminating spray that lights up your facial texture. If you do not have a make up spray, you can use any mist you have.

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Sabreen Ashraf
Former Correspondent at Rising Kashmir.Currently interning at All India Radio (AIR).A self -taught makeup artist (mua) passionate about nuanced make up.

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