Cute Nail Art Designs for Short Nails to Try in 2020

Do you remember recent red carpet looks of famous celebrities like Billie Eilish, Rosalia and Kholoe Kardashian? Ahhh it was elegant… Their cute short nail designs were surely an eye-catching piece of art. The first thing that knocked my mind was Aahhaaa… In the world of classy long nails, even short nails can steal the limelight with just a little innovation.

You can change your basic natural nails into chic style with a catching piece of artwork.

Thinking how? Well…This blog is a one-stop solution for you. You don’t need to grow your nails to rock the party, just land into the world of nail design and art with me.

From glossy to minimalistic styles there is nail creativity for everyone. So what makes you wait? Go ahead with coolest short nail designs and ideas. I am sure this read is going to give you exciting and fired feeling.

Scroll down and know your ideal nail design

12 Cute Nail Art Designs for Short Nails

1. Time to go wild with leopard print nail manicure

Leopard prints are girl’s all-time favorite but it is not just something that you can incorporate in your clothes only- You can make these pretty spots to dance on your nails too. To create this unique art all you need to have is just a fine polished nail shiner and a gold nail polish color – For more finished look you can even use gold foils to create these pretty spots. So, it is time to recreate this cute nail design with more positive and dazzling energy.

2. Strike your look with two strikes

This modern nail art idea is both simplistic and inventive. This “two strikes” look is such a beautiful design that creates a fashionably chic appearance. This simmers try this rocking look with dazzling hues or more subdued shades.

3. Double shaded manicure

Double shaded manicure of pink and white color always looks super cute. You can make it more dramatic by adding white stickers of stars without overpowering the look. So, if you want a nail art idea that is novel and on-trend you should definitely go for this style.

4. Go bold with studs

This year why not add little sharpness to your nails with the shiny and glittery studs? In fact, stud art blends well with dark, Matt and rich nail colors like burgundy, black and oxblood. You can even experiment with your own designs by using studs and pearls.

5. Marble manicure

Marble manicure on your short nails will look so fresh and unique. You can play with different nail colors but yellow looks more vibrant and energetic. So, if you are planning a beach party for this weekend! Don’t forget to go for marble manicure. Enjoy sunny beach day with dark hues of marble manicure. Don’t forget to share your pictures on the social media.

6. Wire art

Wire work looks extremely stylish on short nails. Trust me this design is must try design. Wire art can be somehow tricky to try at home but a professional nail artist can help you to achieve same. Silver wire over black matt nail color simply looks breathtaking. So, it is time to try a bold design or something more simplistic with the wire art.

7. Mickey and Minnie Manicure

Nothing looks much adorable than Mickey Minnie manicure. You can even renew your love for Disney with your favorite childhood characters. This nail art will go with any party look. So, practice it today and let this Halloween be all about Mickey and Minnie’s cute love story.

8. Square Nail Art

Fine Square on you small nails can simply create wonders. To create this look you don’t need to spend on parlors’, you can easily create this look at home with the help of tape. It is recommended to use two different shades of the same color for a harmonized yet artistic look.

9. Bright with Neon

If you are a huge fan of colors, then you are going to love this nail art. Give little life to your nails by combining neon shades with some bright colors like pink. This art is simply easy and vibrant that you cannot resist. So, grab a neon shade, experiment with different colors and make your novel mark.

10. Sculptural Nail Art

This year various nail art designs are in currency but sculptural designs have outshined in every aspect. This nail creativity looks amazing on short nails. These futuristic and ultra-glamorous styles are perfect for making a statement in the fashion industry. So, if you are going for any cultural fest considers this nail art. I am sure it is going to add stars to your ethnic look.

11. Flaunt with Minimal look

If you are minimalistic person, than this is a look for you. This modem manicure of nail polish coat with a clean outline around the edges of your nails can go best with your work look. You can make it even more stylish by going for the glossy line. Start your Monday with this elegant nail art and spread the positivity around.

12. Newspaper nail Design

Yes, you heard it right! You newspaper full of breaking news can give new look to your small nails. This look is more creative and cool to rock it out. To create these designs simply use a stamp or real paper to imprint words and pictures on your nails. Let people read your nails through this look.

To look classy and more graceful you don’t need to grow your nails. Try above mentioned beautiful nail art designs for new cute look… Don’t forget to share pictures with us.


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