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The 15 Best Short Haircuts and Hairstyles to Try Now

Due to lockdown, everyone is stuck at home, saloons are shut, beauty home services are no operational but does this mean there will be no longer fashion in your life? Well, not really… Everyone has that professional fashion star inside; all you need to do is just say yes to experiments.

You might be wondering from where to start…why not to use to quarantine time to plan your dazzling short hair cut?

Come-on! Be brave enough, pick up fine-pointed scissors and trim your hair safely, we are here to guide you.

Besides, short hair is super trendy nowadays. To beat the harsh heat of this summer grab your stylist’s chair and try off-neck chic haircuts and styles today.

I believe freedom lies in short hair. For short hair, you can have a tremendous number of hair cut options. You can easily give start by shedding off a few inches with a lob and then take it from there.

I have complied The 15 Best Short Haircuts for you that will act as your spiritual hair guide. Read it and enjoy the celebrity look:

15 Best Short Haircuts and Hairstyles

1. Razor Cut with Red hair color

Razor cut with red hair color looks super versatile. To achieve this rock star look use natural sun-kissed highlights on the blunt bob hair cut. This edgy hairstyle is most popular among Hollywood celebs. To make this hair cut more modish, mist your hair with textured spray .So, what are you waiting for? Ladies rock your party with this bold look.

2. Crop up with Blonde

Feel free to be little funky with your hair. Blonde on your cropped hair looks classier. Blonde shade with dark brown base brightens up your cute short hair cut. Besides, if you have a round face go for side angled long bang. It will give a slim shape to your round face.

3. High-low Hair cut

This haircut is usually shorter in the back and gradually lengthy towards the front. In this haircut, one can play with a texture like waves. If you want chic hairstyle then you must try it. So, switch up the normal go-to and give your hair stunning but cute look. This bob cut is also easy to style; just one small hair clip can do wonders.

4. Bob with twisted curls

This simple short hair cut proves that bob can go with any type of hair. Curly hair is usually a mess to deal with. But this is a fantastic way – all you have to do is chop your hair and keep your curls in one side for a professional finish. So, try this hair cut and give your curls new look.

5. Go crazy with Faux-Hawk

This is the perfect and easiest hair cut for young girls. But let me warn you…Girls this needs a hell of an experiment. But the result is going to be your full-on transmission with all edgier look. This spiky look goes well for tomboy girls… Wait! Are you afraid of parents? Well, you can make it little clean by simply brushing your long bang down.

6. Short hair with V Cut Layers

If your hair has thick texture than this hair cut is just for you. Try to have a fashionable short hair cut with sharply angled layers throughout the ends. This hair cut adds bright color to your personality. V cut layer is easy to wash, style and manage. Try it and let us know.

7. Jaw length Blunt cut

This short hair cut looks super elegant on smooth thin hair. Jaw length blunt cut suits both ethnic and casual look. To add diversity, you can go for bangs as straight cut with short bangs looks much adorable.

8. Go little messy with messy Bob

People often think short hair cut is synonym to a boring class. But short haircuts can also embrace trends and can turn into something more stylish. Switch to new choppy messy bob instead of the dull A-line. This messy look ravishes your rebel persona. Sometimes the mess is more attractive.

9. Break the symmetry and go for Asymmetrical

Sometimes it is the asymmetry that makes you look different. We all know bob cut is cute and convenient to wear but how about adding some twist to it? You can style bob cut with uneven layers that will give you nice asymmetrical appearance. Trust me this uneven length looks breathtaking.

10. Be a rock star with edgy undercut

This type of hair cut is for people who are more into creativity. It is a very cool option for you if you are in some rock band or planning for live show. This hair cut allows you to play with your imagination and gives you a bold and confident look.

11. Slanted Lob hair cut

Whenever you need a formal short hair cut this is a perfect option for you. This hair cut stands out with an effective texture of boosting layers. Don’t be afraid to use something novel and exciting. The slanted Lob hair cut is counted as best one for year 2020. It is a blend of both cute and sophisticated look. Try it, flaunt it and outshine your presence.

12. Trendy Silvery Pixie

Your young phase is the best time to take chances and look different. Silvery linings are trendy and in style nowadays. So, chop your hair and give it new look with a pinch of ash grey. I am sure you are going to love this look.

13. Go shocky with jagged crop

At this era it is not just okay to be bold and different it is necessary. Let your hair do all this for you. Find yourself through a little flirting with cool hairstyles. Don’t think much about cutting your hair extra-short, the right hairstyle does it all.

14. Be Mermaid and play with colors

From clothes to your nail art Mermaid trend is everywhere. Why not play with colors on your short hair…These trendy colors look stunning against the black base. To achieve a cascading waterfall effect on your short hair you should go for twisted curls.

15. End with Retro Bob

If you are 90’s fan, here is the thing for you. This retro, faux-bob hairstyle is super chic. All you have to do is wrap the front section around one or two large hot rollers and craft the retro wave. Take sections of the remaining hair and loosely roll them up. Once the bangs have cooled, take away the rollers and smoothly figure them into a large wave.

Girls if you already have short hair and are juggling how to create different stream each day, this read is also for you. Today in kitty I have some simple short hairstyles for you… Scroll down and be your hairstylist.

  • Ever tried Bandana Style?

This hairstyle is easy to do and time-efficient, all you need to have is colorful Bandana and a chopstick curler — or any curling iron will do. Curl your bangs, first section toward the back and the next section toward the front. This will give you voluminous bangs. Take your colorful Bandana and tie it on your head. Then, loosen the curls with your fingers and lock this adorable hairstyle with some hairspray.

  • One day Color spray

Are you are looking for some temporary twist, how about changing the color for a day? You can easily find color sprays at your local stores and can use it according to your mood. Rose gold spray by L’Oreal looks super hot but be sure to dry it completely. You can choose your color according to the occasion and the best part is you can easily wash it off at the end of the day. Change your look with just one spray.

  • Hairbands are all-time fashion

Hairbands can never go out of fashion. With one cute hairband, your whole look can be changed. From sporty to glittery ones you can try them all.

Just adjust your hair with the bangs to the front and then put the hairband on. You can change this cool hairstyle by putting different kinds of hairbands. My all-time favourite is a pink pewter hairband, what is yours?

  • Full-on Curls

This hairstyle is perfect for fine, straight hair. Use curling styler and get perfectly toned curls but ya don’t forget to use heat protection spray. Wrap sections of hair around the iron. Keep going until you’ve curled your whole head. Then fix it with the help of hair spray. You are good to go.

  • Style with Bobby pins

This hairstyle is awesome especially when you are running out of time. This hairstyle demands just one thing and that is volume. You can easily get it by using any dry shampoo. To style, wrap your hair in a little roll closely where your undercut starts on the other side and fix it with a bobby pin or two. Don’t forget to bolt it with hairspray so that you can flaunt for the whole night.

  • Fish Tail on short hair

Braids can give you a tremendous number of options to style your short hair. If you don’t know how to do it you can simply look for some tutorials online. You can make fish braid to your bangs and Trust me it looks super amazing. Don’t forget to shampoo on the ends for hold. Loosen your braid to make it look bigger.

  • Starry Look

Make your hairstyle glitterier and use stickers in your hair. This joyful option is easy to do and cost-effective too. Just have some stickers and hairspray. Style your hair as usual and then bring on the stickers! You can use stickers according to your taste.

So, whether you are a beginner or an expert trying different styles is always fun. Have fun and experiment daily! 

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