Top 10 Easy To Do-At-Home Nail Art Designs For Beginners.

Dear beginners, yes you read it right, This blog is for you.

I am sure if you are a nail art lover you might have spent endless hours for best nail designs that you can try at home. So, what you got? Don’t tell me you already gave up on your nails… Never lose hope; it is always a beginner who turns out to be a master. All you need to have is a right and easy tutorial.

I understand your love for nail art but for beginners, it can be bummer sometimes. So don’t rush into random world of anything after all your nails deserve best.

If you have passion and you are looking for inspirational nail art at a home, here are Top 10 easy nail art designs which you can try at home.

Follow these unique tips and tricks and be your own nail professional. Scroll to read more.

1. Experiment with color splash

Let us get started with the easiest trending nail art design. Colors can bring life to anything and your nails are no exception. This art with a unique pattern will leave you mesmerized.

All you need to have is:

  1. White base color
  2. Bright shades of nail polish
  3. One unused toothbrush
  4. Clear nail polish
  5. Nail polish remover


  1. Firstly take a white nail color and apply it as a base. You can even use any other light shade as per your liking. But white base helps to enhance other colors.
  2. Dip an unused toothbrush inside one of the dark nail colors.
  3. Use your thumb or pointer, resolutely stroke the bristles away from the nails so that the nail color gets sprayed on the white base (It sounds a mess, but it’s totally fun!)
  4. Repeat above steps for other nail shades until you have the preferred splattered effect.
  5. Clean up the areas around your nails with nail polish remover.
  6. In the end, add a coat of nail shiner to.

2. Let us go floral

If you love floral then this idea is for you. This spring idea is really something that can steal the limelight. What I really like about this design is, it spreads positivity no matter how dull your mood is.

All you need to have is:

  1. White base color
  2. Two tones of contrasting floral colors.
  3. A nail art brush
  4. Clear nail shiner


  1. Apply a thick base of white nail color. You can even do experiment with the shades of turquoise and peach.
  2. Take a thin nail art brush and dip in one of the two contrasting shades to create a floral pattern (Don’t worry It doesn’t have to be perfect)
  3. Use the other contrasting shade to highlight the flower and add a touch of glamour.
  4. You can even go for detailing like green leaves and colorful flowers at the center.
  5. Lock the design by applying a clear nail shiner at the top.

3. Let us play Peek a Boo with Nails

You don’t need to have any fancy equipment when you are trying this nail art at home. If you are looking for easy and time-effective nail art then this design is for you. The pattern is both modern and classy, just try it.

All you need to have is:

  1. Aqua and Gold Nail Color (You can even use other combinations such as black with gold, or silver with black, and gold with red, etc.)
  2. Plastic wraps or cling film
  3. Nail Shiner


  1. Start your nail art by applying two coats of gold nail polish for the base; you can use another color too. Let it dry.
  2. In the second step apply a coat of the aqua nail color and dab the wrinkled cling film or plastic wrap over it, while aqua color is still wet.
  3. Lock a brilliant final look of a medley of aqua and gold with transparent nail shiner.

4. Let us get lost in Galaxy

This inter-galactic nail art will make you land in the dreamy world of the galaxy. Try this nail art design and transform your boring nails into beautiful stars of the galaxy.

All you need to have is:

  1. Black base color
  2. Some shades of metallic nail polish
  3. White nail color
  4. A toothpick
  5. Rectangular sponge
  6. Glitter nail polish


  1. Apply two layers of black base color and allow it to dry.
  2. Place some metallic green nail polish on a clear surface and dab a piece of sponge in it.
  3. Now smoothly dab the sponge on your nails to apply this metallic the nail color.
  4. Repeat the procedure for the shades of blue and pink. Use different sponge pieces for different shades and allow nail color to dry.
  5. Dip the toothpick in the white nail color and draw a few dots of different sizes.
  6. To enhance it further, apply a layer of glitter nail polish and the whole galaxy will be at your (nail) tips!

5. Kitty Cat Nail Design

Who on earth doesn’t love cats? Cats are basically my spirit animal. The Kitty Cat nail art is the best way to show world that you are a cat person. This minimalistic nail art design is truly a savior.

All you need to have is:

  1. Transparent nail shiner
  2. Black nail color
  3. White or yellow nail color
  4. Thin nail art or paintbrush


  1. Apply a base coat using transparent nail color and let it dry.
  2. Take a thin paintbrush and dip it in black nail paint. Now make two triangles on either side of each nail.
  3. For creating a cat face, join these two triangles through a half-moon shape and paint it.
  4. Now paint two yellow dots for cat’s eyes
  5. using just the tip of the paintbrush, draw a fine, thin line across the centre of each of the eyes.
  6. For perfect finishing apply a coat of transparent nail shiner.

6. Go classy with Racy Lacy Nail Art

This nail art is absolutely graceful, sensual, and beautiful. This nail art is so simple to be classy. So beginners let us rock it.

All you need to have is:

  1. White nail color
  2. Transparent nail shiner
  3. Scotch tape
  4. Lace trappings


  1. Apply a coat of lacquer and let it dry.
  2. Now put the lace trimmings on your nail in the position you want it to be. Fix it with scotch tape.
  3. In the third step use a coat of white nail color over the lace and pull it off in the direction that goes along the stroke of the nail color. Allow your nails to dry.
  4. Catch it with a top coat of transparent nail shiner.

7. Catch your nails in the Fishnet

This is such a creative nail art design for beginners. In this design you will also learn how to utilize waste to enhance the beauty.

All you need to have is:

  1. Black nail color
  2. Silver nail color
  3. Fishnet
  4. A piece of sponge
  5. Transparent nail polish


  1. Apply a thick base of black nail color and allow it to dry
  2. Place the fishnet on your nail and with the help of sponge dab silver nail paint gently all over it.
  3. Peel off the fishnet along the direction of the nail polish stroke.
  4. For proper finishing apply a stroke of transparent nail shiner.

8. Try French Manicure

French Manicure deserves to be on the list as it never goes out of fashion and looks good on both short and long nails. It should be the point of start for any beginner. Here’s a trick for this elegant nail art.

All you need to have is:

  1. Rubber band
  2. Lacquer
  3. White nail paint


  1. For natural look apply a coat of lacquer on your nails.
  2. Place the rubber band at some distance from the end of your nail. This distance will decide the width of the manicure, so you can choose accordingly.
  3. To seal the French manicure, again apply a coat of lacquer.

9. Give room to Polka Dots

Polka dots are the coolest trend nowadays. So, why not to try some on your nails? This time let’s break the monochrome of black and white dots and try some colorful spunk.

All you need to have is:

  1. Black nail paint
  2. Bubblegum pink nail paint
  3. Mint green nail color
  4. Bobby pin
  5. Transparent nail shiner


  1. Start the nail art by applying two coats of black nail paint as the base.
  2. Take a bobby pin and dip its end into mint green nail polish.
  3. Smoothly press the tip of the bobby pin on the nail to draw a polka dot.
  4. Repeat the above step for the bubblegum pink nail polish too. You can use different colors according to your taste.
  5. Finally, for clear finishing apply transparent nail shiner.

10. Cute little hearts on your nails

Be more creative and romantic with your nails. This nail art is very quick especially when you are planning for your romantic date.

All you need to have is:

  1. White base
  2. Red nail paint
  3. A toothpick
  4. Clear nail shiner


  1. Apply thin layers of white nail polish as a base.
  2. Using a toothpick, dipped in red nail paint and make cute little red hearts on your nails.
  3. To enhance these hearts you can even outline them with black color.
  4. At last, apply a coat of clear nail shiner and lock your design with all your heart.

So, these were few designs for nail art at home. Are you feeling inspired already? If yes then try them. And let me know about your favorite nail art in the comment section below.

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