Top 10 fashion designers of world 2020

2020 has been a happening year so far. With the pandemic and wildfires and what not, it is getting hard to focus on what is really going on. But far from the grim reality let us serenade our sense with some of the most rocking looks of 2020, so that when the world heals and all our troubles will be over, we will rise like Aphrodite from the sea, ready to make our statement. When we do finally go back to life as it was, it will be when we armed with all the current looks that made 2020 what it was. And for that we shall delve into the archives and looks of the top 10 fashion designers of the world in 2020. From being comfortable to being unique and edgy, these are the designers that everyone swears by.  A true designer is not by the quantity of dresses on razor thin models. But rather they are best depicted by the lifestyle they portray.

“Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live.” —Gianni Versace

Truer words have not been spoken ever since the above. This is why in our eclectic list given below, we have focused on both the old as well as the new in order to give you exactly the lay of the land when it comes to fashion. 2020 is being ruled by the new crop as well as the titans of the industry so it’s only fair that they both get the spotlight.  So let us check out our list of the most intriguing and interesting fashion designers to deserve the spot among the most talented.

List of top 10 fashion designers of world 2020

1. Alexander McQueen

The distinguishable warmth and red hot wildflower sprouts of Alexander McQueen’s Pre-SS20 battle was calmed down to a fresh sea splash for the style house’s tonally cool Spring/Summer 2020. His recent collection is a testament why he is still considered a powerhouse in the fashion world and how his vision had transformed the British fashion into a global icon. Set in a tenderly feeble house by the ocean, inlet windows let a convergence of normal light onto the staggeringly sentimental assortment, which saw trim, organza, and tulle upcycled from past seasons.

2. Tomo Koizumi

Japanese style creator Tomo Koizumi made a gigantic debut finally in this season’s New York Fashion Week with his greater than-life organza dresses that were roused by dynamic workmanship. With a story behind his highly interesting designs, Koizumi captured the fickle attention of the who’s who of fashion.  Dynamic hues and vibrant designs command the plans that Koizumi says were made only to advance the prospect of happiness. As embodied by those dresses. Koizumi came to New York subsequent to drawing in the notification of UK put together design writer Katie Grand with respect to Instagram. With no conventional preparing in style structure, Koizumi got his beginning in the business by filling in as an aide in an outfit configuration shop in Japan. The rest they say is history. Koizumi is one of new generation who believe in panache and would like to bring back the colour in people’s lives.

3. Gianni Versace and Donatella Versace

While he was as popular in death as he was in life, Gianni Versace was always well known for his rebellious streak. He made designs bold and colorful, and believed that life should be the epitome of vitality. Donatella Versace, his sister , is also one of the biggest names in Italian fashion and has continued her brothers work by giving her own thought the wings of fruition.  Her own colorful and opulent vibe gives fashion its charm and is for all who love to go to the extra mile while dressing up. She also believes in reusability and sustainability.  This is what makes Donatella Versace one of the top most designers of 2020. In a world where saving the environment is important, Versace has focused on a sustainable fashion that can be worn easily on your body as well as on your conscience.

4. Khaite

Nowadays, just the fashion statement is not enough. What you do need is that fashion should have a story. What inspired you to wear and prepare a dress? Fashion in our daily life always has a story. And it’s even better when the story is the representation of sustainability and environmental protection. One of the best sustainable fashion designers that are making the waves this year is Khaite. Using her simple God level skills as an invaluable seamstress and designer,  the amazing Catherine Holstein bestows Khaite with the perfect modern vision and  minimalistic designs which provide an androgynous look which is in sync with the soft and harsh reality and grace of the world.   Her 2020 spring collection is the symbolism for hope, love and living life as it comes. With beauty and grace!

5. Carolina Herrera

One of the best fashion designers in the world is without a doubt the eponymous Carolina herrera. With her simple overtones on a dramatic setting, she knows exactly how to take the world by a storm. Her 2020 collection has mostly focused on the beauty if a sensuous yet subtle Latin holiday. In the world of her own website which describes her collection as the “ playful and colorful mood of a Latin holiday.

Inspired by the House spirit of alegría de vivir that is synonymous with the resort season, this collection is about visceral reactions of delight-eclectic patterns, unexpected silhouettes, pulsating energy.”

So here you will find various flowery and artsy patterns on black , blue and other dark colours bringing up all the beautiful memories of a typical resort holiday in Spain. Her dresses are a must for anyone who wants to enjoy the beauty and vitality of colour in their own skin.

6. Brandon Kee

Relative newcomer to the design scene, Brandon Kee brings new, inventive vitality to New York City style. Kee’s primary dream is urban road style, affected by his childhood in a little network in Utah. He believes that fashion rose from the streets and he is willing to bring that power back to them his designs are eclectic and yet casual, showing the beautiful merge of the best of both worlds. The skilled creator made his first presentation in the season 16 of Project Runway and has since made his own image. He learned at San Francisco’s Academy of Art University before moving to New York City to assume his legitimate position on the world high fashion stage. One thing is definitely clear, Brandion Kee has made his entrance with  flair and he is definitely here to stay.

7. Chelsea Grays

Sometimes in the midst of uniformity , you find a irregularity that changes the design entirely. And that makes all the difference. Cleveland local Chelsea Grays earned a MFA in Fashion Design at Academy of Art University in the wake of accepting a Bachelor’s qualification in Psychology from North Carolina Central University. Her enthusiasm for style configuration started while she functioned as a business partner at Banana Republic.  With hard work, and natural talent, Chelsea has been propagated to one of the rising stars of thie industry. Her menswear line was a brilliant show of perfection. Her designs are modern and yet timeless. They represent the coming of the times and yet allude to the brightness of the past.

8. Peter Do

If you are looking for the perfect power suit in the office, then Peter Do is the  designer you should be looking at. Peter Do propelled his eponymous image with his galactic rise in 2018. The bio on his site peruses, “Peter Do is a uniform for the cutting edge lady, established on fitting, development, and fine materials.” The refined effortlessness and restriction, even in words, flawlessly characterizes the designer as someone ahead of his time. He is notable for having worked under the magnificent Phoebe Philo at Céline, however in a short measure of time has set up himself as a significant newcomer in the space. Do’s inventive coat structures and motivated way to deal with moderation set him apart from his counterparts. If you want the right kind of structure and posse in your clothes, then Peter Do is the way to go.

9. Donna Karan

Donna Karan is one of the old school with a new heart. One of the biggest pioneers of affordable fashion, she has never let her bright designs be out of reach for the common woman. Her label is loved by both celebrities and commoners and she is recently working on sustainable clothing too.  Donna karan is all about dressing up in your most comfortable yet stylish clothes, which look equally good in a boardroom as well as a dinner party.

10. Ralph Lauren

This brand needs no introduction. Ralph Lauren has seen many meteoric rises in the industry and his brand has always been the forefront for luxury. Whether it comes to his charismatic polo collection or the amazing cocktail dresses, Ralph knows exactly what real fashion is.

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